Death Stranding

Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s first title under his own banner since leaving Konami has been a huge mystery since its announcement. We finally get a much more in-depth look at the game starring The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, and it features a baby, invisible monsters, and toenails.

Oh and yes we still have questions after watching this trailer, but we definitely can’t wait to get our hands on this game. PlayStation’s blog offers some insight as to what is going on in the game with this description:

“Sam is unlike any other hero you may have seen in games before. A typical hero is usually some sort of elite or someone with a military background. Sam is not. He is a working man of sorts — a hands-on professional. Someone with a skillset akin to a blue-collar worker.”

Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to trying to figure out exactly what the hell is going on in Death Stranding. No release date has been announced, but we are definitely looking forward to more information on this game as it drips out over time.


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