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Earlier this year Lonzo Ball surprised the Hip-Hop world when he dropped his first mixtape Born 2 Ball, and yesterday he once again raised many eyebrows when he suddenly dropped a diss track… towards fellow rookie teammate Kyle Kuzma.

But fret not Laker nation for these two have a history of playfully roasting and trolling each other on social media.

Kicking off the “Kylie Kuzma” diss track with “Who are you without ZO2s… just another dude with a bunch of tattoos,” Lonzo really went in with the digs like the two have been trying to bury each other for a while. Lines like “You want smoke, you can get it, dressing for attention. Trying to be Russell Westbrook, you just honorable mention,” were as comedic as they were pointed. Overall it’s a pretty funny diss track and a first as far as NBA players go.

For his part Kuzma has already declared he won’t be responding but did say that Lonzo would be catching some hands during the week.

Again, Hip-Hop doesn’t look like it’ll be getting that “surgical summer” that we were promised, but at least Lonzo Ball provided a quick game of Operation.