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Source: MEXICO CITY, MEXICO –  (Photo by Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images) 

Being an official in the South America can cost you your life. Public servant deaths have hit record numbers as the land of the Aztecs heads to their next big vote.

According to a report by Raw Story,133 politicians have been killed in Mexico as the country gears up their election on Sunday, July 1. The victims, mostly local legislators, met their end due to drug cartels. According to Etellekt, a firm who conducted the study, the majority of the casualties were still campaigning.

“This violence has been concentrated at the local level. At least 71 percent of these attacks have been against elected officials and candidates running for office at the local level. “This is the result of very serious problems of governability at the local level,” explained the agency’s Director, Ruben Salazar.

The violence is a 1230% increase from the political related deaths during their 2012 election. “In the 2012 elections… there were only nine politicians murdered and one candidate, according to our records,” Salazer stated.

This weekend Mexico will elect a new president, congressmen and more this weekend. Let’s hope things proceedings go without incident.

Via Raw Story

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