mexican drug cartel

You might want to review the vacation policy if you are going to sign up as a runner for a cocaine kingpin. Apparently, the consequences are deadly if you slack off at El Chapo’s regime.

When you’re a drug czar paying people off comes with the territory. According to informants El Chapo took it to max when dealing with government officials.

Being an official in the South America can cost you your life. Public servant deaths have hit record numbers as the land of the Aztecs heads to their next big vote.

Many rappers claim they have blood on their hands but one former YouTube star took it to Charles Manson levels. A Mexican rapper tortured three people and then some.

The arrest of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman last week put an end to a months-long search for the Mexican drug lord. The raid by the Mexican Marines that took down Guzman was caught on video, looking very much like a first-person shooter video game.


Cops are supposed to be able to multitask, but not quite this way. A former Texas “Cop of the Year,” Noe Juarez, was exposed as a member of a Mexican drug cartel.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the elusive Mexican drug kingpin, has avoided capture once again but not without suffering some wounds in the process. It has been reported that El Chapo narrowly escaped from Mexican government forces near the base of operations of the Sinaloa drug cartel leader.

Tragedy has struck the home of former Miss USA Ali Landry’s home and all indicators point that it has something to do with Mexican cartel gangs.

Former Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd saw his career come to an end in December of 2011 after he was arrested for attempting to purchase a large amount of coke. Hurd was slapped with a 15-year prison sentence Wednesday (Nov. 13) evening, although his legal team is looking to fight back […]

Los Zetas drug cartel leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, also known as “Z-40” or Miguel Trevino, was captured a week ago by Mexican Marines. The Zetas have been referred to as one of the most dangerous gangs in the Mexican Drug War, and now a former assassin for the group has come forward in a […]