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Charlotte Uprising N-Word Cullen Heald

Source: Charlotte Uprising / Twitter

In North Carolina, a white man went off on a racist tirade towards a family after being enraged at a sign on their front lawn slamming President Donald Trump. The man, who claimed to be down with Sen. Bernie Sanders, then let the n-word fly like an uzi in a heated exchange that was all caught on video.

In a video posted by Charlotte Uprising, a man who was later identified as Cullen Heald approached the home of a family with several political posters in its front yard. The one that seemed to anger Heald the most was the “F*ck Trump” sign, initially saying he didn’t want his kids seeing profanity when passing the home. When the homeowner asked Heald to leave his property, that’s when the insults began to fly.

The family took Heald’s license plate number, which seemed to set the man off further as he yelled the hard “R” version of the n-word repeatedly before the video cuts off. Due to the diligence of Twitter and others, Heald’s name and address were quickly discovered along with a record of a criminal past.

Check out the video of Cullen Heald going full racist in the clip below. We must warn readers that the language from the clip is heavily profane so listen with caution.

This thread below unveils Heald’s criminal record, which includes marijuana possession and assault on a woman among other charges.

Photo: Charlotte Uprising/Twitter