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Source: Shaquille O’Neal DJ Debut at Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop at Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Featuring: Shaquille O’Neal Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 28 Jun 2014 Credit: Judy Eddy/

The beef between Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal continues on. Shaq reminded us how petty he can be by recently dumping on his Inside The NBA co-host in front of a live crowd.

Since his retirement from basketball O’Neal has gone to dabble in various professions including actor, sports analyst, product endorser and more. He recently made it clear he is most passionate about getting party goers to turn up.

Within the last year Big Daddy picked up the turntables once again and has been playing some very high-profile gigs. Last weekend while on his “Summer of Shaw” DJ tour he took the time during his set to roast Charles Barkley and it was pretty epic.

As DJ Diesel he led a “Barkley sucks” chant that got the crowd even going.

The jokes didn’t stop there. O’Neal then transitioned to a “Barkley has no rings” graphic on the video board with a photo of the 2004 championship ring he won with the Miami Heat.

Both appear to be good friends in real life but the two have had some real heated arguments on their TNT show. The lack of Barkley’s hardware actually stems from an argument the two former ballers had back in May which led Shaq’s infamous reply “Google me Chuck!”.

This is not the first time Superman has used music as a platform to get at his rivals. In 2008 he performed a freestyle where he repeatedly asked Kobe Bryant “how does my a** taste?”.

We expect Barkley to reply but Inside The NBA will not air for the next couple of months so it looks like we will have to wait for his comeback.

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