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The trolling of 50 Cent knows little in the way of bounds and the rapper turned business mogul was back up to his old tricks. In a jab towards Atlanta’s male population about who they choose to date, 2 Chainz chimed in on a now-deleted post that could have gone a lot of different ways.

“LOL Atlanta is out of control, it’s 7 women to 1 man down there because the boys want the boys,” Fif wrote in an Instagram caption featuring a shirtless young man striking a pose. In response, Chainz wrote “Cut It Fif” and the post vanished.

However, Fif posted another photo, this time of Tity Boi, with the caption “LOL @2chainz said nah FIF you can’t do us like that, but there do be some f*ck sh*t going on. get the strap.”

Looks like there isn’t any real static going on between the pair so no strap retrieval is needed at the moment.

Photo: WENN