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It looks like one of the men involved in the Tekashi “Taken” 6ix9ine saga has decided to identify himself and is calling on the Brooklyn rapper to try and get his ice back. Ballsy move.

Not for calling on Tekashi and his crew to mix it up but rather for putting his face out there while NYPD is investigating the matter.

Using a black-and-white filter to make things even more dramatic, the goon with the West Indian accent straight outta Luke Cage season 2 flaunts 6ix9ine’s famous Jigsaw piece while saying “Come for me, pu**y boi. Come get it, n*gga! You don’t wanna come for me? You don’t want war?”


Even though Tekashi is said to be uncooperative with po-9, do they still look into who this cat is and what role he had in the jux?

Anyway, it seems like this entire situation stems from Tekashi’s beef with a jeweler who claimed that the “FEFE” rapper owed him $25,000 for a bracelet that 6ix9ine claims was given to him in exchange for promotion. Whether or not that actually is the case we might never know. That is until another goon decides to drop dime on self too and tell the entire story on social media. SMH.



Meanwhile, a visibly humbled 6ix9ine was back in Brooklyn soaking up love and support from fans in his neighborhood rocking far much fewer ice than we’re accustomed to seeing him in. Life comes at ya fast, bruh. Act accordingly.