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God forgives, but the Internet doesn’t. Some famous folks have found that out the hard when very old troublesome tweets resurface putting their past behavior in the spotlight.

If you are one of those people who just happened to tweet headass stuff during the infancy of social media life, there are ways of cleaning up your timeline.

We just witnessed Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn shockingly get the boot this past Friday (July 21st) by Disney for decade-old tweets. The tweets were brought up by Mike Cernovich a know right-wing troll. Now chances are high you won’t become a victim of this, but just in case you wish to do some spring cleaning of the timeline and rid yourself of offensive tweets from the past cause you have grown as a person we have some suggestions.

You can create Twitter Archive by jumping into your Twitter Settings and selecting the “Your Twitter Option.” From there you will scroll down “Download your Twitter data.” You then click on that option, and you will begin to download a zip file of your Twitter archive that will be sent to the email that is linked to your Twitter account. Once you have done all of those steps, you can start sifting through your archive to find all of those tweets that could possibly become trouble if you became super famous and someone wanted to use them against you.

Another method is by using Twitter’s in-app advanced search to quickly search for tweets that you sent out containing anything that people will consider to be worth canceling you for. Or you can just go the extreme route and just wipe your entire timeline and just like most things today there is either app or website for that. You can download such apps like Twitwipe, or utilize free deletion services like Tweet Delete, Cardigan or Twitter Archive Eraser.

If you don’t mind paying, TweetEraser is very useful and offers a $9 subscription service to its users. Android users you have not been forgotten, Xpire can help you rid yourself of those potential worrisome tweets. Now that you have the tools remember to tweet responsibly.

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