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Once again racist comic book nerds are targeting and harassing a woman of color just because they’re butt-hurt about their being cast in something they hold near and dear to their black hearts.

Just last month Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran found herself shutting down her IG page after getting harassed for “ruining” The Last Jedi, and now Titans actress Anna Diop had to shut down the comments on her IG due to racist comments flooding her own page.

According to Uproxx, racist comic book fans were upset that Diop was cast to play the orange alien heroine known as Starfire, as a Black woman. Unfortunately, we all know how Trumpians hold the color orange sacred these days and while “outraged” DC fans have unloaded their deplorable comments, the actress’ fans have come to her defense and locked horns with her attackers.

Though Diop’s been dealing with the ridiculous fallout of being a Black Starfire in Titans when a photo of her on set was leaked earlier this year, things really went up a notch when the gory trailer premiered last week at San Diego Comic Con. In a since deleted IG post, Diop addressed her racist haters in a classy, yet, G’d up manner.

With that said – the hate speech that followed was deplorable. And though I am highly unbothered. I do want to use this as an opportunity to say that tearing people down is not something that I tolerate. For myself or anyone else. Too often social media is abused by some who find refuge in the anonymity and detachment it provides: misused as a tool to harass, abuse, and spew hatred at others. This is weak, sad, and a direct reflection of the abuser.

Racist, derogatory, and/or cruel comments have nothing to do with the person on the receiving end of that abuse. And because I know this – I’m unfazed. But for anyone out there who may not – I am here to remind you that whatever ugly and negative thing anyone ever chooses to say about you is always a reflection and revelation of themselves- it does NOT define you, and it certainly does NOT make you any less perfect than you are – Be you! Stay beautiful! Live breezy.

Not a single curse word or call for violence. We would say her response was “Presidential” but that better describes the words of her harassers.