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As she gears up for the release of her tell-all book, Omarosa Manigault-Newman is putting all of President Donald Trump’s business on front street. A day after she gave an exclusive interview with NBC’s Meet The Press, Manigault-Newman visited the set of Today and played an audio tape of her and Trump speaking a day after she was fired.

NBC News reports:

The tape, which was played exclusively Monday on “Today,” appears to show Trump having no idea that Newman had been dismissed by his Chief of Staff John Kelly.

“Omarosa? Omarosa what’s going on? I just saw on the news that you’re thinking about leaving? What happened?” Trump is heard saying on the tape, which Newman said was made one day after her termination in December 2017 when Trump called her.

Newman responds, “General Kelly—General Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave.”

“No…I, I, Nobody even told me about it,” Trump replies.

Newman then says, “Wow,” before Trump reiterates his shock.

“You know they run a big operation, but I didn’t know it,” Trump is heard saying on the tape. “I didn’t know that. Goddamn it. I don’t love you leaving at all.”


In essence, Omarosa is saying that President Trump doesn’t have a clue what’s going on within his own administration and that he has relinquished power to Chief of Staff John Kelly. During an interview after the audio was played, Omarosa said that Trump is being “puppeted” in the White House.

Manigault-Newman’s book, Unhinged: An Insider’s Account Of The Trump White House, will be released on Aug. 14.

Peep the audio below.

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