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As social media continues to change how people communicate it also is having some adverse affects on the fashion industry. Data now shows consumers are returning wears more than ever.

According to UK credit card firm Barclaycard, 10% of British online shoppers are purchasing clothes with the intent of showing off for their followers and promptly requesting a refund. Aptly called “snap and send back.” the trend has gained popularity over the last few years and apparently these clout chasers have no shame in their ways.

A survey that polled 2,002 adults showed that the men are the biggest culprits with one in five openly admitting they flaunted “leased” products. Additionally the numbers show they are more likely to embarrassed seen in an outfit they have previously worn. The most popular item purchased by these males you ask? Pricey watches.

“It’s interesting to see the social media trend further fueling the returns culture. We know from our research that returns are having a big impact on retailers, with a huge figure of seven billion pounds a year in sales that they potentially can’t recognize” stated George Allardice, Head of Strategy, Barclaycard Payment Solutions.

The credit provider also cites that a widely adopted “try before you buy” policy used by online merchants may also be contributing to the craze. “Retailers are adopting new processes to make returns easier as they know how important this is to customers. But to ensure shoppers are getting more wear out of their clothes – for posting on social media or for those real-life moments – retailers could think about introducing more varied photography and video content to their websites” Allardice theorized.

Other key takeaways include that the biggest offenders are in the 35-44 age group and British men spend more on clothing than women on a yearly basis.

You can read the report here.

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