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Power Season 5, Episode 8 "A Friend of The Family

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The best laid plans of gangsters and lawyers often go to hell. Backstabbing, double crossing and [REDACTED] have been staples of this show, but it all reaches it’s apex in another crazy episode 8. Wanna know what’s so crazy we hid? Dive into SPOILERS and more from this week’s episode of Power.

Leaving off from last week, Ghost is ready to take the fall for the Raymond Jones murder. Angela, explaining to Ghost about how he doesn’t fully comprehend the consequences of his actions, peppered him with sample questions the police would ask. There’s no way Ghost could take the rap for this crime without impairing his family or friends. So they devise a new strategy; Frame someone else. Ghost wants to pin the murder on Dre. As he leaves to put the plan in motion, Tasha suggests Kanan may be the better person to go down for the crime.

Ghost gets Tommy on board for the setup. The plan is to prove Dre met with with Ray Ray to provide a connection between the two. Ghost would then admit to firing Dre because he sold drugs in Truth, and Tommy would plan Diego Jimenez’s head in Dre’s place to provide more motive for the killing and drug dealing.

Ghost meets with Tate to further strong arm the councilman into compliance. He tells Tate the “real reason” for the animosity with Dre and the drug dealing both in Truth and Basset’s clubs. He compels Tate to sever ties with Dre, otherwise his Gubernatorial aspirations would be in the toilet.

After a meeting with Dre where he tell’s Ghost he no longer owes him anything and warns him to stay away from his crew, Ghost orders a hit on Dre. Tommy is ready to execute the plan, but Ghost won’t answer his call. Ghost was in a heated argument with Tasha about the location of the murder weapon that killed Ray Ray. Tasha didn’t have it, because Tasha had plans of her own.

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