Power Season 5, Episode 8 "A Friend of The Family

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Tasha has put in a fade request on Kanan since he got out of jail. This tragic incident gave her the opportunity to frame him and remove Kanan from her life forever. She worked with Angela to devise a plan and called Tariq home so he could give Angela the info she needed. Tariq reluctantly tells the Jukebox story and the weak ties between Kanan and Ray Ray. Tariq refused to help any further and questioned Tasha’s loyalty for setting up an innocent man (again) and working with the woman who assisted in destroying their happy home.

Tasha later brings the idea of framing Kanan to Ghost who hated the idea. To Ghost, every problem begins and ends with Dre. Tasha thinks Ghost is using Dre as an excuse to mask his true feelings of regret for the ones he trusted getting killed on his watch. To her, Ghost is the one to blame for everything that’s happened. Ghost desperately wants to prove his worth and reiterates to Tariq that he doesn’t want to setup Kanan and will take the fall if it comes to it. Kanan cosigns the statement after a conversation with Tariq while he showed the kid the ropes of being a true g on the street. During their run, Tariq pressed Kanan about killing Shawn. Kanan disowns Shawn and claims he was disloyal. Tariq should have no fear of Kanan because he cares for Tariq like a son. Well, Kanan’s surrogate son was waiting on the opportunity to betray his mentor.

Tasha and Angela’s plan sprung into action. Tariq planted Tasha’s gun in Kanan’s car. Angela submitted a kidnapped person’s report for Tariq and gave the police the info to find Kanan. Kanan’s car gets pulled over, and they’re removed from the car. Tariq confirms police speculation that he’s being held under duress, and needs escape. While the cops pulled Tariq into the car, Kanan morphs into the Black John Wick for one final shootout. After killing the four cops, while sustaining his own wounds, he seemingly spares Tariq’s life to getaway. Kanan’s escape was short lived, as he succumbed to his injuries and dies in the stolen detective car. Later, Tasha, Tariq and Keisha give corroborated accounts that implicated Kanan in Ray Ray’s murder.  Angela no longer has to deal with the case as it’s closed and let Blanca Rodriguez know her work is done.

Kanan planted the seed of doubt in Tommy earlier when he prophetically saw that either him or Tommy were next to face Ghost’s wrath. Standing in the morgue and facing their adversary’s cold body, Tommy wonders aloud how all of their allies have fallen in similar ways, and whether Ghost can truly be trusted.

The end of this saga is the beginning of a new era of disloyalty and distrust between old friends and new foes.

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