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The father/son dynamic unfolds in curious ways, and Angela’s clock may have run out for real this time. Death, deceit and deals make the headlines in this week’s episode of Power.

The episode beings with a grizzly TV news obituary for fallen gangsta Kanan Stark, as reporters and the community try to make sense of the quadruple murder from a known felon. As Tariq watches the news, he can hear the commotion from the living room, where Tasha, Ghost and Tommy discuss how the Kanan setup unfolded.

Ghost is upset that Tasha went behind his back, and put Tariq in danger. Tasha is upset that Kanan wasn’t the main target to frame from the beginning. Tommy is there to provide peanut gallery level humor and ad-libs. Tariq interrupts the quarrel to take credit for Kanan’s murder. He didn’t divulge the true danger in the plan and knew the only way out was for Kanan to die. He remains indignant towards Ghost for lying about his past, and reiterates that he’s a real g now, a school won’t change him, and Ghost needs to put him on to game or get out of the way. Needless to say, Ghost didn’t oblige. Tariq ends up ditching school to meet with Vincent, accept condolences for Kanan’s death, and continue the drug business on a trail basis. Vincent agrees, and also puts Tariq in contact with a good fake ID connect who supplies Tariq with a new identity “Erick Stark” so he can pickup Kanan’s ashes from the police. The adventures of “Street Tariq” have just begun.


PWS5_509 Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), James 'Ghost' St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick

Source: Starz / Starz

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