PWS5_509 James 'Ghost' St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), Joe Proctor (Jerry Ferrara)

Source: Starz / Starz

The U.S. District Attorney’s office looks like it will cease, as they cannot make a logical connection between Kanan and Angela Valdez. Tameeka wants to end the investigation, but Mak and Saxe’s bloodlust for Angela’s job won’t be satiated that easily. They decide to turn up the heat on their contacts to get results ASAP.

They threaten Teresi with surveillance pictures of his meetings with Mak and Saxe unless he can provide info to take down Tommy and Ghost. They also coerce Proctor to wear a wire in his meetings with Ghost in order to find any info about Angela’s true motives. Proctor agrees to wear the wire in exchange for a guarantee that Mak and Saxe would back off for good. During his meeting with Ghost, he uses nonverbal communication to inform him that their conversation was being recorded. At the same time, he’s trying to convince Ghost to snitch on Angela. After Proctor cuts off the recording, and things get physical, he explains that the Feds are coming and anyone around Angela will fall. So Ghost needs to decide if Angela is worth taking another potential loss for himself and his family.

Angela meanwhile scores another major victory with the capture of Alicia Jimenez. Dre offered up his former boss after getting demoted by Alicia once Diego’s head appeared at a Bassett hotel. Since Dre couldn’t expand the organization overseas, Alicia decided to elevate Cristobal over him. While there were “no hard feelings”, Dre made a business decision and received immunity from Angela for the location of Cristobal and Alicia’s “meeting”. While the office celebrated another major W, Angela discovers Mak and Saxe lurking around. After some additional digging, she finds the Teresi surveillance photos and confronts Mak for confirmation on their informant. Once Mak confirms it is Teresi, Angela takes the info to Ghost so he can handle it in the best way he knows how…


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