PWS5_509 Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora)

Source: Starz / Starz

With the heat mounting on Teresi, he has two options: Rat Tommy out or keep him in the family. When their drug movement into the M.C.C. gets slightly haunted, snitching is suspected. Sammy thinks it’s Tommy and gives Teresi a stern warning that Tommy should be the one to fall to the Feds, or their operation will fall. Teresi agrees, but when he calls Make and Saxe, he gives up Ghost for the Sandoval murder instead. Sammy overhears this and threatens to tell Tommy who his father really is. At that moment, Teresi kills Sammy and “outs” hims as the real snitch, to Tommy’s disbelief. Meanwhile, Ghost visits with Vincent to drop the Teresi photos and propose he tells Tommy so they both eliminate a common enemy. Vincent gives the order to kills Teresi to Tommy, who doesn’t want to believe his father is a snitch, but knows the ironclad evidence isn’t fake.

Tommy goes on one final ride with Teresi, where he takes his dad to see Connie in the hospital on last time. Tommy let’s Teresi know that he knows everything about how he got out early. Although Teresi chose to keep Tommy out of prison, the betrayal was too much to overcome. Tommy takes Teresi home for one last talk before killing Teresi and dropping his body at the family cemetary. With one problem eliminated for Tommy, another huge problem arose for Angela. Mak telling Angela about Teresi was a test. Since he was killed after the information was leaked, this implicates Angela in his death. Tameeka reveals the investigation to Angela and tells her to name names, or go away for a long time. What’s Angela gonna do?

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