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Ever since Colin Kaepernick decided to sit during the National Anthem and eventually kneel at the behest of retired Green Beret, Nate Boyer, fans have been torn on whether he was protesting police brutality (which he was) or protesting the flag (which he was not).

Now Kevin Gates has decided to throw in his two cents on the topic (hella late, b) and what he said will rub some people the wrong way while having others scratch their heads. Taking to social media the “Out The Mud” rapper made no qualms about where he stands on the entire kneeling situation.

“So look, a lot of people are gonna look at this f*cked up. I love Colin Kaepernick. That’s my brother. I love his beautiful queen Nessa. I love these people with all my heart. He should have never took a knee! We bow for no man under the stars but Allah! He should have stood palms up.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Gate’s spiritual beliefs he’s a practicing Muslim.

We’re not sure why he all of a sudden decided to give his opinion on the matter but what we do know is that Kev’s advice is a year and change too late. NFL teams are too shook they’ll alienate their fan base by signing Kaep to a deal and Donald Trump is doing all he can to keep the former star QB unemployed. Props to Nike for giving a brother a gig in the face of hate.

Check out Kevin Gate’s take on Colin Kaepernick below and let us know your thoughts.