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Kathy Griffin on The Breakfast Club

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For decades Kathy Griffin’s brand of humor has been considered an acquired taste for many but last year she found that Trumpian’s will chew you up and spit you out if your joke leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

After being blackballed by the entertainment industry for her now infamous photo of a decapitated Donald Trump, the OG comedian is steadily getting back on her feet while continuing to take it to Donald Trump and the cult that’s following him off the proverbial cliff.

Stopping by The Breakfast Club, Griffin opens up about just how bad things got for her after that picture made the rounds on the internet including her “friends” and colleagues abandoning her, the death threats she and her family got, and why she’s done with white women.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Kathy Griffin on The Breakfast Club.


1. Character Assassin

After posting that photo of herself holding up Donald Trump’s blooded head piece, the DOJ put her under a 2 month federal investigation and were actually considering charging the comedian with conspiracy to assassinate the President of The United States. She was even on the “No Fly List” for a few months but even when she was taken off the list she was put on the Interpol list and was detained numerous times when she went on her world tour. Pettiest. Administration. Ever.

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