For decades Kathy Griffin’s brand of humor has been considered an acquired taste for many but last year she found that Trumpian’s will chew you up and spit you out if your joke leaves a bad taste in their mouth.

The Real Puff Daddy made a memorable appearance on ESPN’s Highly Questionable yesterday, October 21, where he dropped plenty of not-so-subtle clues that he has a milfy famous friend with benefits.

Noisey is bringing back their hilarious “Back and Forth” series following last year’s NSFW exchange between A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown. The former will actually host this reboot, which we receive a preview of courtesy of a teaser trailer.

A few months ago, Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky filmed a “Back & Forth” video segment where they professed how much they wanted to get it in with comedienne Kathy Griffin. 

Last summer, VICE’s Noisey coordinated a sit down between the equally outspoken A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown that went viral due to their candid conversation. Out of an array of quotables said during their chat, one referring to a fantasy about actress, comedian and talk show host Kathy Griffin made its way into a number of news sources. […]

While at the Oya Festival in Norway, Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky gives a hilarious interview with Noisey while responding to varying comments from Youtubers. When one Youtuber suggested that MTV should make a reality show based off their entertaining web series “Back and Forth,” Rocky not only agreed but confirmed that their show is currently […]

I’m not even going to lie, this is slightly embarrassing. Do you ever watch something on the internet (or most likely WSHH) so ratchet you quietly think to yourself, “man, I really hope no white people saw this?” Well, you’re out of luck if this was one the videos that did that to you. Yesterday […]