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Jay-Z and Kanye West

Source: photo: WENN

Looks like the icey relationship between Kanye West and Jay-Z is finally thawing?

After years of what seemed to be irreconcilable differences between the Watch The Throne rappers, yesterday Kanye West posted a picture on his IG page of Jay-Z and Beyoncé with a caption that read “famileeeeee.”

While it’s easy to say “this doesn’t mean that everything’s all good though,” if you look closely you’ll notice that the Queen B is donning a pair of $850 Yeezy from his season 5 collection. Say what you will but once you accept a man’s footwear the love is there again… right?

Though this doesn’t automatically mean that the two (or three) will be getting back in the studio anytime soon, it’s a start. As for how things came about is anyone’s guess. Maybe it was a chance encounter. Maybe Kanye’s recent revelation that he’s bipolar softened Jay’s stance on the situation. Either way, we’re not mad. Hopefully Jay-Z can convert Kanye “MAGA” West back into Kanye “Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” West. As for whether or not this will lead to Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé becoming besties, we won’t hold our breath.