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Looks like the icey relationship between Kanye West and Jay-Z is finally thawing? After years of what seemed to be irreconcilable differences between the Watch The Throne rappers, yesterday Kanye West posted a picture on his IG page of Jay-Z and Beyoncé with a caption that read “famileeeeee.”

Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Ni**** In Paris” At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show We posted pics from Jay-Z and Kanye’s performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and here goes video footage from the event. Kanye did his thing to “Stronger” with the VS models and later Jay-Z joined Ye to perform “Ni**** In Paris.” […]

Jay-Z and Kanye West a.k.a The Throne have released a teaser for their “Otis” video. As previously reported, The Throne released their Watch The Throne album to iTunes and launched a national tour starting October 29 in Atlanta. Check out a quick preview of their “Otis” video, the lead single off their collaboration album. MTV, […]

Jay-Z and Kanye a.k.a. “The Throne” have released a final trailer before the iTunes release of their new album Watch The Throne. The pair whose tour kicks off October 29 in Atlanta, are giving fans a behind the scenes clip that includes a shot of Jay-Z’s wife dancing and listening to the project in the […]