Today (Oct. 18) the actor turned director realized a dream of his when he swung through his favorite morning show The Breakfast Club to talk about all aspects of his life and promote his upcoming coming of age skater/Hip-Hop film, Mid90s.

Revealing things like his own personal Top 5 dead or alive list to how he fell in love with Hip-Hop, Jonah continues to remind the culture why he’s a potential racial trade target for Kanye West.

Here are the 8 things we learned from Jonah Hill on The Breakfast Club.


1. Hip-Hop Junkie

Jonah Hill says his older brother (R.I.P) was the one who got him into “arty” east coast Hip-Hop artists like A Tribe Called. Being that at the time the west coast Hip-Hop scene was mainly gangster rappers, Hill admits that his skateboarding self didn’t feel right imitating the gangster scene because “we weren’t gangster” so he fell in love with the woke Hip-Hop acts of the east.

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