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Teen Wears Confederate Flag to School

Source: Facebook / facebook

There will always be consequences and repercussions to your actions. A white teenaged boy learned this when he got blessed with a proper fade after rocking a Confederate flag shirt to school.

It went down at Kenwood High School in Baltimore County, Maryland, and it was caught on tape. According to WBFF-Baltimore, the school only confirms “a fight of some sort” over what is being called a “controversial item.”

The video, and photos like the one shared on Facebook, reveal said item was an homage to the flag the traitors who took an L in the Civil War rode under.

As for the incident, it went down in a 9th-grade classroom. In cell phone footage, a group of students are seen confronting their peer wearing what amounts to a big ass Confederate flag in t-shirt form.

Why said troll student would think 9th graders wouldn’t react like 9th graders is perplexing. But clearly he now understands because the footage shows him getting mollywhopped.

Now we’re not going to say it was right that the young MAGA child caught the hands. But we understand.

Watch the beatdown below.

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