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Further investigation of the unexpected death of DJ AM discovered him lying on his stomach with a half empty bag of crack and a pipe by the bed which led to an accidental overdose, according to a police source. Bottles of prescription drugs such as Xanax were also on the scene when his body was found Friday in his New York abode, which he became dependent upon after a near fatal plane crash which killed four people.

Even with the discovery, New York City Medical Examiner spokesperson Ellen Borakove has stated that the cause of death is still undecided without the proper procedure’s being taken and the proper testing being administered. Further results will come from toxicology and tissue testing, but that should take several weeks.

AM, real name Adam Goldstein, 36, was slated to star in an intervention-style reality show on MTV, “Gone Too Far,” helping teens break their drug addictions and talking about his own substance-abuse battles.

In an interview with Extra back in July, Goldstein spoke on his feelings towards the reality show:

“It makes me feel great. People were there for me when I asked for help, and I had no idea how to stop, so I’m there for them.”

Goldstein’s past revealed the problems he had gone through, maybe as a result of using drugs. When he was 22, back in 1997, the DJ made a suicide attempt after a cocaine binge, according to reports when he shoved a .22 caliber gun in his mouth. The date with death, however, was avoided as the gun was unable to fire.

Even before then, the DJ was battling substance abuse as he checked into rehab at 17. Back in 2005, AM reflected on his past and stated that he would DJ until 2 a.m. and then do drugs in his apartment till about 10 a.m. He also revealed that his eating habits increased as his weight shot up to 300 pounds.

As Goldstein began to realize the road he was walking, he decided to change directions and do better for himself. He became sober and in 2003 he went through gastric bypass surgery where he was able to drop 155 pounds.

DJ AM sent out a Twitter message which posted Thursday which may have indicated that he may have been dealing with issues again. He quoted a verse from Grandmaster Flash.

“New York, New York. Big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain’t always what it seems.”