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Killer Mike will unveil his compilation album today entitled Underground Atlanta. Comprised with appearances from the likes of Gucci Mane and T.I. to upstarts like Travis Porter and B.O.B., Killer Mike explained the premise behind the project exclusively to HipHop Wired.

“Atlanta has a lot of good music and people only hear one type of the good music. When you come down you normally just hear the “swag” or the “trap stuff” and when you go home you probably never hear those records again. Like “Up Thru Dere” (Shop Boyz) should have been a hit. “Bubblegum” (K-Rab & Stuntman) should have been a national hit. Those records are never heard in a bigger format and I was like why haven’t any of these guys in Atlanta with the money, the power and the resources to do it…Why haven’t they ever provided a platform for all of these other artists. And all of these other artists don’t just include street artists. You got B.O.B., Proton, Grip Plyaz who work in the alternative scene. Yellow Wolf. I gave this album an opportunity to take all these people from all these different scenes on Atlanta… because Atlanta people party together. We all end up at the strip clubs no matter how weird you are or whether you got a Mohawk or a Dickie suit. We all gone be in Magic City on Monday and Blue Flame on Wednesday so I said I’m gonna use an album as a format to do all these records that I like.”

Killer Mike also shot a video last week for the single “Imma Fool Wit It” with Big Kuntry King last week in Las Vegas. Speaking more about the project, Killer Mike added:

“I like O.J. Da Juice Man but I’m not gone try and throw an O.J. record on my album. And not to say I won’t do it if it’s the right record but I’m not gone go and get O.J. just because he hot and say, “Hey man, I need you for this single,” and try to fool his audience into believing I Fawk with him so buy my Shyte and the rest of my Shyte is all Pledge 2 music. I’m not gone do that to his audience or disrespect my audience. So I created a format where I could do songs with B.O.B., O.J. Da Juiceman, Gryp Plyaz. Where I can do songs with Travis Porter and the Rich Kids and I can show my 11-year old daughter who loves these groups, I can have all this on one place because my city contains all this. I just thought all this should maybe be on one record. And to be honest with you, a lot of bigger guys in the city have egos and clicks and other responsibilities or other diversions that keep them from making sure the city stays cohesive so if I gotta be the baking soda in the pot to bring the dope together then that’s my purpose.”

While Killer is known to deliver that though provoking gangsta music, he warns fans that this album is a little different and to open up to his party vibe.

“I’m featured on over half of this album but it is more about helping expose other young artists so they won’t have to endure the rigors and the nightmares of the music industry because they starting with a roll already. The young guys that are on this record whether it be Pill or S.L. Jones, when a record company comes to them like wow we were ignoring you for five years, we finally get it. They gone have to pay out the nose because these artists put the work in before time. This album is a party. Don’t take nothing too seriously, have fun, this is a party record. I got dope songs up here with supreme lyricists that haven’t been recognized like S.L. Jones, Gangsta Pill, and B.O.B. I got Slim Calhoun killing it on here. I got Khujo Goodie for the classic throw back feel. I got young guys like Travis Porter and The Rich Kids bringing that new energy. Princess from Crime Mobb, O.J.,Young Ralph, Big Kuntry. I did records that felt good and you didn’t have to sit and think to digest. I did records to make people just want to move and have fun too. I also got the “Playaz Down South Remix” with me T.I. and Bun B. It’s an amazing piece of work.”