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Jill Scott left the whole nation thirsty after fans got a glimpse of what that mouf do in a clip that went viral this week. Her skills were so elite, in fact, men started bombarding her DMs—but Scott isn’t here for it as she swears everybody missed the point of it all.

“Good morning Love Village & welcome newbies,” she tweeted. “I don’t know who tweeted that snippet but they didn’t capture the point. There’s good intention in everything I do, particularly for couples. I’ve BEEN me baby. ALL of me. Check the discography. Peace.”

Apparently, the clip is old and she prefers folks sliding into her DMs call her “Ms. Monsta Mind” instead of “big head.”

“Meet and greet? Sure. Anything else? Nope. I didn’t post that old ass snippet. Piss on whoever did! I would’ve, at least, posted that damn point of it all. Trust, there’s always purpose in what I do. My DMs blowing up and idiots, who’ll never know what I do for the man I [love], hollering “hey big head” wasn’t it. It’s Ms. Monsta Mind or Ms Brilliant Brain Jane btw lil menz. Pa Tahhhh!!!,” she said in another message aimed at dehydrated men everywhere.

See below and Jill, let us know…what message did we miss exactly?

Photo: WENN