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Michelle Williams Reveals How Jay-Z reacted Chad Johnson Crip Walking

Source: Noel Vasquez / Getty

When it comes to Beyoncé and Jay-Z stories, Michelle Williams probably has a ton she wished could share that the world would love to hear but probably can’t. Instead on a recent episode of Chad Loves Michelle, we got the story of Jay-Z reacting to her fiancé busting out the Crip Walk.

“Show ’em yo’ Crip Walk!”

That’s what Michelle Williams implored her soon-to-be husband to do during a meeting with her new assistant in the episode. At first, Johnson is very reluctant to make a fool of himself but couldn’t help tell the story of the incident that took place at one Bey’s private parties.

Everything begins when he mentions how he was brought up on “Soul Music” and “West Coast Rap” leading to Williams begging him to do the dance. He explains he how he used to be a pastor in the inner city of Phoenix, so there was a lot “gangsters and stuff,” and he would observe the kids’ Crip Walking. So he learned the dance in hopes to use it as a tool to “relate.”

He finally gets to the story of the party telling the assistant:

“This is my first time meeting these folks. Everybody’s dancing and having a good time. They were playing West Coast music, and people started clowning around and trying to Crip Walk. I start Crip Walking, and Jay-Z walks over and tells you what?”

Williams visibly embarrassed shares Hova’s response “I didn’t know you were married to a gangbanger.” Chad then proceeds to show off his Crip Walking skills. Johnson should just leave that dance alone, we’re just saying. You can watch Johnson make a fool of himself in the clip below.

Photo: Noel Vasquez / Getty