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Yesterday, December 3, Tumblr shockingly announced that it was removing all adult content from its microblogging platform in an attempt to combat child pornography and other illegal material. The internet collectively wept when the decision came down, and now there is a large number of Sex Bloggers who feel the platform is as good as dead now.

Yes, there are other forms of content shared on the platform but porn makes up a huge chunk of what users soak in when they log on to the site. No one understands this more than Sex Bloggers who considered Tumblr as the last haven to post their content due to other platforms eagerness to filter out adult content such as “real-life genitals” and “photorealistic nipples” which only applies to women.

In speaking with Vice a lot of the Sex Bloggers feel they are being punished alongside those that use Tumblr to post harmful images. Robert Yang, who used the platform called Tumblr’s CEO Jeff D’Onofrio’s blog post “very insulting” and quoted from the statement,“‘A better, more positive Tumblr’—because people expressing consensual sexuality is worse and negative? Fuck that shit.”

Another user Kat E who runs a popular NSFW blog featuring Rick and Morty told Vice:

“I’m disappointed. Not because it’s another website banning adult content—that, I can handle. It’s how they’re banning it that’s truly disappointing. Painting adult content as harmful, unsafe, and unwelcome is really insulting. It’s almost as if we’re getting punished alongside genuinely harmful people.”

D’Onofrio’s decision to announce the purge Tumblr of porn was one the company was something the company was slowing moving towards to. The platform quietly was making porn less visible by having its administrators removing content tagged “Adult” from searches back in 2013. It later introduced a porn free “Safe Mode” to users in early 2018.

The porn banning algorithm which has been sloppily rolled out is already banning content and some of it isn’t considered porn. This news also follows Starbucks pledge to keep its store’s porn free as well. Looks like there are going to be a lot more frustrated people in the world thanks to these moves. If the Tumblr exodus is massive enough and we think it will be, we won’t be shocked it the D’Onofrio pulls an about-face.