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Source: Tupac Shakur 1996 MTV Music Awards Featuring: Tupac Shakur Where: New York City, Nevada, United States When: 04 Sep 1996 Credit: Chris Connor / WENN

The story behind 2Pac’s infamous night at New York City’s Quad Studios has gotten even more interesting. Makaveli’s friend is now accused of setting him up.

As spotted on HipHopDX (Riker’s Island isn’t a state prison by the way) Dexter Isaac alleges that Pac’s one time ally orchestrated the hit which left “I Get Around” rapper shot five times. In a recent interview with Gully TV he reveals Live Squad member Randy “Stretch” Walker was paid by Jimmy Henchmen for his participation.

“Stretch set the whole thing up. He was in cahoots and was giving us the play-by-play” he asserted in the audio clip. “He was in communication with Jimmy [Henchman] who had promised him a quarter brick of cocaine.” Later in the interview he also says he approached Walter “King Tut” Johnson for lying that he took part in the robbery. “We sat down and talked and he couldn’t answer. What jewelry was taken m*****f*****, describe the jewelry, what was taken? How did it go down? And this m*****f***** couldn’t say s***.”

On November 30, 1994 while entering the lobby of the facility Tupac was robbed and shot by three men. It should be noted that Stretch was with Tupac but was not armed and therefore could not intervene. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. The next day he checked himself out of the hospital against doctor’s orders. He then showed up court in a wheelchair to receive his sentencing for the sexual assault case.

In an interview with Vibe Shakur would later point blame at Notorious B.I.G. and Diddy for letting him walk into certain doom since they were recording there that night too. Later he would hint at Jimmy Henchman’s involvement on “Against All Odds”. Additionally it is widely believed Stretch was addressed on “Holla At Me” for his betrayal. “How could you do me like that? / I took your family in / I put some cash in your pocket / Made you a man again / And now you let the fear put your ass in a place / Complicated to escape, it’s a fools fate / Without your word, you’re a shell of a man /I  lost respect for you ni*** / We can never be friends.”

Ironically Stretch was killed in a drive by shooting a year to the date of the Quad Studios incident fueling rumors that the slaying was payback for being conspirator in the sneak attack. In 2011 Dexter Isaac confessed to the robbery claiming Jimmy Henchmen paid him $2,500 dollars for the hit.

You can listen to the interview below where he also describes the jewelry taken from Tupac.


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