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It seems like just yesterday 50 Cent was co-signing Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s claim to the throne of King of New York. But given recent developments which have the “Gummo” rapper fully cooperating with the Feds, Fiddy seems like he’s ready to move on from that friendship.

In a recent interview with DJ Drama on Shade 45, the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ artist acknowledged that though they were cool he knew that “6ix9ine is not from the streets. I liked him like I like Soulja Boy,” 50 said referencing how they were both young independent teenagers who blew up without the help of a major record label backing them.

50 then shared his thoughts on Tekashi’s sudden willingness to work with the government against his old gang especially since he was facing a RICO charge.

“When I saw what I saw in the paper, I feel like he’s gonna tell on everything. That was the part that wasn’t even in the indictment—the stuff that they’re saying that he’s talking about are not in the indictment so he’s offering that along with everything else, and then they added those new people to the indictment.”

And though 6ix9ine’s now officially known as a snitch throughout the known world, 50 does feel that Tekashi’s career isn’t necessarily over saying “I think he can make music and people can hear it, but the original core and base that he tapped into won’t. It won’t rock.”

Ya think?

While we totally expect Tekashi’s Caucasian fan base to forgive and forget Tekashi’s transgressions but things might be different for him as far as the hood goes. Just sayin.’