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Serena Williams - Nike Just Do It campaign

Source: Nike / NIke

Last year Serena Williams got a lot of criticism and hate after she put an umpire on blast during her set at the U.S. Open and called him a “thief” for his unwarranted point deductions. Because the GOAT tennis player is a woman, the world subjected her to all kinds of disrespect for behavior that men like John McEnroe were known for.

But Serena took it all in stride and is taking those lemons to make lemonade in the form of a new Nike commercial which focuses on the achievements women in sports have made and the critiques they put up with in doing so.

Last night (Feb. 24(), Nike premiered its Dream Crazier commercial during the 91st Academy Awards in which Serena Williams narrates how “crazy” women have had to be to break barriers in sports and carve out their own niche in history. It’s pretty inspiring stuff. Unfortunately for sneakerheads the commercial wasn’t accompanied by the rumored “shock drop” of the highly coveted Off-White Serena Williams Nike Blazers on the Nike SNKRS app but that’s neither here nor there.

Check out the Dream Crazier commercial below and let us know your thoughts.