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Jamaican reggae superstar, Buju Banton, is feeling the wrath of gay rights groups whose protests are shutting down his upcoming U.S. concerts. Concert promoters, Live Nation and AEG, have decided to definitively cancel a number of the MC’s shows after feeling the heat from gay rights groups who feel targeted by his lyrics. The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center spearheaded protests against the MC including a petition and Facebook group called, “Cancel Shows for’ Fa**ots Must Die’ Singer.”

The center’s efforts led to countless phone calls and emails to the promoters that brought his shows to an end. On the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center’s website they’ve publicly declared victory saying, “Artists who glorify violence against any group should never be given a stage on which to perform.”

The victory for the rights groups scraps Banton’s shows in Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Banton has yet to release a statement. In 2006 the MC was under investigation in for his alleged role in the attack of gay men in Kingston, Jamaica but was cleared of those charges. In 2007 Banton signed a “reggae compassionate act” pledging not to release homophobic songs, make homophobic statements or authorize the re-release of anti-gay songs. His hit song, “Boom Boom Bye” said that “batty boys”, a slur for homosexuals, should be shot in the head and have acid poured on them.