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Source: Bioware / EA

Bioware/EA’s epic game Anthem did not launch as smoothly as the javelin’s do into flight inside the game. Players would love to jump into one of the Iron Man-like suits and go loot chasing, but reports are surfacing that game is crashing PS4 consoles.

Since the game’s release, it has been plagued by bugs, glitches and plenty of complaints that for the most part, Bioware has addressed with patches. A new issue is gaining traction with players taking to Reddit, and other forums complaining the game is either booting them to the main menu or bricking PlayStation 4 consoles in some cases.

A thread titled “This is the only game that causes a complete PS4 shutdown” started by a Reddit user who goes by the handle ForTheMasters details his dilemma with the game. He details how while playing he claims after he gets a game error it usually sends him to the main menu, the PS4 dashboard or worst case scenario shutdown the console entirely. Since he posted it on Sunday (March 3), it has received nearly 2,000 upvotes with other players responding stating their consoles considers the issue an improper shutdown like when you yank out the power cord when the console is powered on.

EA has responded tweet from its EAHelp Twitter account stating they are aware of the crashing issue and are investigating.

I recently have been playing Anthem and experienced getting booted due to connectivity issues and various glitches but not the bricking error. This has put my playing on hold for now, and I will be waiting for Bioware/EA to issue a fix. We will keep you updated on this story. Anthem is the latest big name title plagued by post-launch issues, see Bethesda’s disastrous Fallout 76 launch.

Photo: EA/Bioware