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Desus and Mero with John Legend

Source: Courtesy of Showtime

In case you haven’t heard, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have a new Showtime series and it’s dope. For episode 3, the popular talk show hosts sit down with Vince Staples, head to the recording studio with John Legend, and talk hot topics, sports, and more.

During their chat with Staples, Desus and Nice speak on the likelihood of Chance the Rapper getting robbed and Will Smith getting kidnapped. Staples is convinced Chance is too good of a guy to get played out like that, adding “It’s like kidnapping Will Smith…n*ggas gon’ kill you. If your homies found out you kidnapped Will Smith, they gon’ beat your *ss, bro—because why are you gonna do that to us? We f*ck with the genie. Everybody f*cks with Will Smith.”

Elsewhere, Desus and Mero commend John Legend’s online humor…but Chrissy Teigen’s hubby says he’s just “funny adjacent.” Ha! They also write a song about putting the “tongue in the butt.”

Lawd…watch the clips and tune in next Thursday, as they sit down with special guest Ben Stiller.

Photo: Showtime