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The 2020 Presidential election only 599 days away and while it seems like an eternity, the orange white supremacist in the White House will certainly make it feel much longer. Needless to say the fate of our country and our democracy is riding on who wins next year and Black Thought gave a quick freestyle in which he names the nominees that voters need to get familiar with.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Roots MC quickly name-dropped the candidates running for the highest office in the land.

“We’ve got Warren in the race, and she’s ready to rock/ We’ve got Julian and Harris pulling up on the block/ Cory Booker and Delaney have the bald game locked/ And Bernie’s back again, he’s lookin’ like he got shot,” Thought rhymed before dropping a few more candidates and a Hip-Hop long shot.

“And then Beto’s there, and Biden gives a massage/ It’s only 2019, and it’s anyone guess/ Oh, and we’re still waiting to hear from Mr. Kanye West.”

If you thought Donald Trump was an emotionally unstable “commander-in-chief” can you imagine what a self-professed bipolar disordered Presidential candidate would be like? Entertaining sure but also terrifying. Kinda like the past few years.

Check out Black Thought’s freestyle below and remember to get out and vote for sanity and democracy come 2020.