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Apple Second Generation AirPods

Source: Apple

Apple is getting all of its announcements not related to its forthcoming TV streaming service out of the way. Earlier this week the company brought back the iPad Air and iPad Mini, and today they snuck the second generation of its popular wireless Airpods.

So what’s new? Well, the new $160 AirPods sport a new H1 chip specifically made for the second generation of Apple’s wireless accessory. The company boasts that it will give users more talk time, faster connectivity and now the ability to beckon the iPhone’s virtual assistant by saying “Hey Siri.”

What Apple fans were eagerly waiting for was the arrival of the wireless charging case, but there is a catch it will cost you an extra $40 if you want it. You can also purchase it alone for $80 if you already own a pair of AirPods and don’t feel the need to upgrade. Everything is available now by the way and will land in stores next week.

Apple Airpods 2nd Gen

Source: Apple

The second-gen AirPods haven’t really changed all that much for you to want to upgrade from your old pair. Even though you supposedly get up to 50 percent more talk time and faster connectivity, spending $200 or $80 for a new case isn’t really worth it. You can also engrave your AirPods for free, that might serve well if you lose them or catch someone wearing them. With the release of the wireless charging case, it seems Apple is prepping us for the release of its long-awaited AirPower charging mat, we shall see.

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Photo: Apple