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For the past 24 hours social media has been on fire with people both criticizing and defending Cardi B after an old Instagram Live video where she admitted to drugging men up and robbing them back during her struggle stripper days. While the drug and rob move isn’t exactly an uncommon practice amongst strippers and/or prostitutes, rarely if ever do women ever admit to it, especially one as famous and beloved as Cardi B.

Realizing that she might’ve kept it too real for her supporters, Cardi went back to the scene of the crime (Instagram) to further explain the trife life she felt forced to live because she felt she had “very limited options” while pointing out that no one seems to have a problem with other rappers who “glorify murder violence drugs an robbing” when talking about their own lives.

Ultimately Cardi owned up to her faults ending the post with “I have a past that I can’t change we all do.” Well if this rap thing ends up fizzling out she can forget about punctuation checker as a fall back career option (we kid, but not really).

Still we get where she’s coming from. Whether or not her critics accept her stance is another thing on it’s own. What do y’all think? Check out her full statement below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.