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The death of Nipsey Hussle has impacted many, even those that didn’t really know him at all. Case in point with Reggie Bush, the retired NFL athlete, felt the need to start a GoFundMe page to help the late rappers two children—but Nip’s business partner Karen Civil quickly shut that down.

Bush announced he was starting the “Nipsey Legacy Fund” and kicked things off by pledging $10,000 hoping his followers and friends will help raise the other $90,000. While this was a noble act on his part, it would seem the former NFL running back did not have permission from Hussle’s family to start the GoFundMe page.

On Saturday (Apr.13) Civil tweeted Bush asking him to remove the page telling the former New Orleans Saint that he was overstepping. She revealed that he did ask for permission, but the family said no, he went and did it anyway. Bush did remove the page but did not remove the Tweet from off his timeline sparking the business maven to tell him to take it down.

“Please remove this tweet as this was privately asked of you already. The family nor Lauren requested this and you did it anyway”

Bush replied back stating he only did it as an act of kindness.

“Wait what???  Nah that’s actually INCORRECT check your facts what would I gain from this ?And this is the very last time I will speak on it out of RESPECT for everyone! God Bless you!”

Civil retorted the kind gesture was appreciated but he should have also respected the family’s wishes.

“I never spoke on what you had to gain, Simply asked you to remove the tweet, just like you did the gofundme. You asked prior to do this and was told no by family, but did it anyway. You never once spoke to Nip in the gym the many times you saw each other.” She continued, “I understand you’re motivated and want to help, but there are other ways. His family already asked you NOT to do this. People are literally grieving over a husband, father, brother, uncle, friend and someone who meant so much too so many people. This is not the time for this.”

Bush did finally take down the Tweet, but he did point out he had someone’s permission to start the page.

“My time is already busy as it is I would never even put forth the effort to take on a project like this unless I got someones blessing!!,” he said via Instagram. “Come on now! That just sound crazy! Please CHECK THE FACTS! And YES I didn’t know him that had zero to do with the cause?🤔It was about doing something positive and giving back and paying homage to a man that stood for so much and was a leader in the community and over came the obstacles of the hood and made it big while never losing sight of where he came from! That is hard to do and a lot of young black kids never make it out of that!”

Karen Civil was instrumental in putting together Hussle’s beautiful memorial service at the Staple’s Center. If anyone would know what the family of the late rapper wants it would be her. Still, RIP Nipsey.

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