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Diddy Tearfully Talks About The Loss of Kim Porter During Interview

Source: Rich Lee – PA Images / Getty

Mother’s Day is approaching this weekend, and the Diddy and his children will have to experience the day that celebrates mom for the first time without Kim Porter after she tragically passed November last year from complications of pneumonia. Essence took the unprecedented step of featuring Diddy and his children on the cover of their May 2019 issue. Speaking with Dream Hampton who is a dear friend, Diddy opens up to her for the first time since tragically losing Kim Porter in the cover story for the publication.

In the raw, unedited audio which Combs gave permission to be released, he tearfully opens up about his reaction to the news of the mother of his three children’s sudden death. He also spoke on the changes made in his life and stepping up to the challenge to fill the shoes Porter left as being a mom to his kids. When asked about if he has any regrets he harkened back to the social media exchange where he answered a commenter saying he “played himself” for not marrying Porter.

“I wasn’t being all the way honest with my love for her, to myself and even to other people that I was in a relationship with. I don’t have no regrets how things went, they went the way God wanted them to go, but I was playing with love, and it’s not really to be played with. I definitely took for granted that she would just be with me forever. I took for granted that something like this could happen.”

When Hampton asked the burning question about his plans for Mother’s Day, and if he was ready to celebrate the day without Kim, Diddy gets emotional and lets tears flow admitting:

“Anybody that’s lost a mother or lost a soulmate, it takes time. It takes time. They say time heals all wounds when it comes to mothers, [but] I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t think anyone would ever understand how hard it is to be a black mother.” 

“I don’t know what I’m going to do, but imma figure something out.”

This is definitely the most vulnerable we have ever heard the larger than life figure has ever been. All Black fathers should listen to this interview.

Photo: Rich Lee – PA Images / Getty