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Source: Time 100 Gala – Arrivals Featuring: Colin Kaepernick, Nessa Where: New York, New York, United States When: 26 Apr 2017 Credit: Patricia Schlein/

Colin Kaepernick‘s wifey, Nessa, just showed the world what part of the definition of a “Ride or Die” is when she stood up for her man and took on Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans.

Taking on hosting duties for the reunion episode to MTV’s hit show Teen Mom 2, Nessa confronted Evans about comments she made about boycotting Nike for their support of Colin Kaepernick. You make recall he rubbed white Amerikkka the wrong way when he made the “controversial” decision to kneel for the National Anthem during football games.

In a 2018 post Evans referred to Kaep as the “most disrespectful guy in the NFL” after Nike brought him on board to be a company spokesman and swore off Nike products for their decision. Well, Nessa forgot none of that and confronted the teen mom about her hateful posts which Evans suddenly had no memory of saying “I posted them? When did I post it?

After Nessa not only read them out loud but also posted them for the world to see, Evans played Trumpian dumb and stated “I’ve never seen that… I honestly have no idea who your boyfriend is, or husband.”

After calmly explaining that Colin is no stranger to the set and that she’d like to have this conversation with Evans, Nessa further explained why Kaep kneeled in the first place.

“Please understand something. My man used his platform to peacefully protest systemic oppression in this country, specifically police brutality against black people. Men, women and children dying, wrongfully dying, and people who are doing this are not being held accountable. That is the issue. It has nothing to do with military men, military women, okay? Because they fought for our constitution to peacefully protest. I would have appreciated if you had contacted me. I would have been more than happy to have a healthy conversation.”

Of course once faced with the facts Jenelle broke out the MAGA tears and walked off the set proclaiming “i’m done with this bullsh*t” while complaining that the show should’ve been about her own personal issues and not Nessa’s beef with her. That whole “woe is me” mentality really is catching on in Deranged Donald’s America isn’t it?

Check out the clip below and try not to laugh too hard if you’re at work.