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Wonder Woman 1984 Stills

Source: Warner Bros. Studios / Warner Bros. Studios

To many, if not everyone, Wonder Woman’s appearance in the lackluster Batman V. Superman was the best part of the movie and many of those same people felt that Patty Jenkins’ standalone Wonder Woman film was the best film to come out of the DCEU.

With one whole year to go before we find out what’s next for the Amazon princess in the highly anticipated sequel Wonder Woman 1984, Jenkins gave fans a sneak peak at the new armor she’ll be donning in the film and boy it’s a doozy.

Standing in a spectrum of vibrant rainbow colors (happy Pride Month!), the new Wonder Woman armor seems to be mainly gold (she is royalty) and covers way more of his physical degree than her previous costume. Many fans were quick to point out that her new duds seem to be inspired by Mark Waid and Alex Ross’s classic Kingdom Come series in which Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League find themselves retired from superhero life only to come out of retirement after the new generation of heroes ways of protecting becomes reckless and tragic.

Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen as we’re sure Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins will answer as many fans questions as possible at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, but until then all we can do is take in all this goodness and appreciate what Jenkins has done with the classic superhero thus far.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5, 2020.

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