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Marshawn Lynch & Lonzo Ball Will Play 'Fortnite" On Xbox Sessions

Source: Xbox / Xbox Sessions

Fortnite brings people together. Case in point retired NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch and former Los Angeles Laker now New Orleans Pelican, Lonzo Ball will link up to play the ridiculously popular game on Xbox Sessions.

It’s all going down today (June 27) 4:00 p.m. PDT, 7:00 p.m. for the folks on the east coast, the two athletes will face off head-to-head in Fortnite compete for dominance in the virtual world. The two superstar athletes will build forts, search for loot, and battle to be the last man standing. Beast Mode will definitely have is work cut for him and will need all of the Skittles or as he describes it “power pellets”  and Chug Splash to come out on top against Ball who is seasoned Fortnite player.

The session will be hosted by Brittney Elena, and you can catch the action on your Xbox One X — the world’s most powerful console — as well the other family of Xbox One consoles on Twitch Xbox Channel, Mixer Xbox Channel, and Xbox’s YouTube channel.

All we know anything involving Marshawn Lynch playing video games is sure to be absolutely entertaining. If you don’t believe us just watch him play Mortal Kombat X with Rob Gronkowski and Conan O’Brien for the late-night talk show host’s hilarious ‘Clueless Gamer’ segment.

Photo: Xbox / Xbox Sessions