Nipsey Hussle Performs at Broccoli City Festival in Washington, D.C.

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The getaway driver in the Nipsey Hussle shooting death case believes her life is in danger after she drove the rapper’s alleged killer, Eric Holder, from the scene of the crime. Police say that the woman only known as Witness 1 is facing death threats and has been offered police protection.

TMZ reports:

According to grand jury testimony obtained by TMZ … an LAPD detective claimed the female getaway driver — identified only as Witness 1 in court docs — expressed grave concern for her safety on multiple occasions. The detective stated he investigated her claims and discovered numerous legitimate threats made against the woman.

It’s no wonder the woman feared for her life … the detective told the grand jury her license plate was making the rounds on social media shortly after the shooting. Descriptions of her physical appearance and her vehicle were also on the Internet — all of which essentially gave vigilantes a road map to find her.

In the same grand jury hearing, the detective said the LAPD decided it was “very important” to place the woman under their protection and possibly move her into hiding. It’s unclear where she is now, or if she accepted the offer for protective custody.

Witness 1 has not been charged with a crime and under an immunity plea deal, none of her testimony can be used against her in court.

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