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Do you remember Ian Connor—the designer/model/influencer who caught a bunch of looks only to be essentually ejected from the paint due to a number of alleged sexual assault allegations?

Well, he’s going to jail for a year.

Reports Complex:

Complex confirmed Connor was sentenced Friday in three different cases in Los Angeles Superior Court. According to a representative for the Public Information Office, two of those cases included the same charges: possession of firearm within 10 years of certain misdemeanor convictions as well as carrying a concealed weapon. Connor received a suspended sentence of five years and eight months for those charges; but instead of serving time behind bars, he will have three years of formal probation.

For the third case, which stems from a May 2016 incident, Connor was sentenced to 363 days in jail for negligent discharge of a firearm. The representative said Connor will begin serving that sentence immediately.

Connor, who got engaged to Raven Tracy earlier this week, said his fiancée will run all his brands and various business ventures while he’s on “government vacation.” He also said he was confident in his team to execute his vision and ensure his “integrity stays in tact.”

According to Connor, his fiancee and business partners will hold down his brand while he’s away.

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No relationship is perfect… sometimes you gotta go through stuff to see what’s real . I found someone that i love from the inside out. Someone that doesn’t lie to me, that encourages me, that allows me to be me, someone who makes me laugh til i have tears, who is weird and quirky too ❤️. Since I’ve met this man i can say I’ve become a better woman. He inspires me in so many ways. He puts so many people on around him, constantly uplifting ppl in his own way. He may be different , he may be a little rough around the edges but so what , that’s what i love most about him. You see this ring? We in the mud! We on some 4L type ! Some will and jada unconditional love type ❤️ i love you babeeeee @ianconnorsrevenge

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Although accused, Connor has never been charged with rape.

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Bye Y’all , I’m High As Fuck See Ya Inna Year.

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