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Source: Leon Prevost / Radio One Houston

DaBaby is learning the hard way that letting the goons mollywhop an allegedly overzealous autograph seeker can hit you in the pocket from multiple angles. A promoter is suing the rapper bailing on the gig he was heading to before the fade was issued.

Reports TMZ:

Nothing To Something ENTertainment is suing DaBaby claiming it’s out tons of cash after the rapper bailed on a scheduled gig back in May at Centro Night club in Lawrence, MA. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, the promoters say they paid DaBaby up front and also shelled out thousands to promote the performance but the rapper dipped out before it even began.

As we first reported … DaBaby’s posse beat another fellow rapper to a pulp, sending him into a coma. The alleged victim, Don Trag, had also been scheduled to perform at the same venue. His family told us Trag just wanted a pic with DaBaby, who turned him down.

Trag is also suing DaBaby for his hefty medical bills and additional damages.

Word is the promoters we willing to reschedule, but that clearly didn’t happen.