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An upcoming music festival in Detroit centered on Black creatives caught some flak for charging white attendees double than what they were charging attendees of color. The organizers of AfroFuture FEST have decided to change the policy but maintains their intentions were solid. reports:

Organizers of AfroFuture FEST, described as centering on Detroit’s Black Magic performers, initially promoted on Eventbrite that people-of-color tickets for the August 3rd event were $10. Non-POC tickets, referred to as “for white people,” were $20.

After an outcry, Eventbrite requested the prices be altered and now only $20 general admission tickets are listed.

The ticketing site does still, though, answer the question why ticket prices were meant to be different for white people.

“Our ticket structure was built to insure that the most marginalized communities (people of color) are provided with an equitable chance at enjoying events in their community (black Detroit),” the site says. “Affording joy and pleasure is unfortunately and pleasure is unfortunately still a privilege in our society for POC and we believe everyone should have access receiving such.

“We’ve seen too many times orgasmic events happening in Detroit and other POC populated cities and what consistently happens is people outside of the community benefiting most from affordable ticket prices because of their proximity to wealth. This cycle disproportionately displaces black and brown people from enjoying entertainment in their own communities.”

AfroFuture FEST said in other reports that the policy change came after threats of violence from the Right coupled with general critique from outside observers and at least one performer.

The founder of the festival says that the tickets sold out at the higher price rate despite the controversy.