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Mixed race, young couple. Relation difficulties

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America has once again proved how trash it can be towards Black folks after a couple in the suburbs of Detroit suffered racial abuse at the hands of a patron. Jerrick Jefferson said he and his wife were called the n-word and had food thrown at them while managers at the establishment did nothing.

Local outlet Fox2Detroit reports:

Jerrick Jefferson says he and his wife got a plateful of disrespect while celebrating their anniversary. It all went down at J. Alexander’s in West Bloomfield Thursday as they told a manager about the bad service they were receiving.

“A gentleman from the bar area, a Chaldean gentleman, emerged from his seat and called us the n-word. several times. and started throwing food at us,” said Jefferson. “The manager basically said, ‘I’m walking away, those were her exact words: ‘I’m walking away.’ She went up to talk to another manager, I approached both of them, and I said, ‘Is there any reason why black people in this restaurant can’t get any respect?'”

Jefferson says another black customer approached the managers and told them one of the servers threw a drink after refusing to seat her at the bar until the rest of her party showed up. Then came the man shouting racial slurs.

“And that’s why we were all shocked,” said Cheryl Sutton, a witness. “In fact I talked with my girlfriend today and said, ‘Can you imagine we were sitting there that close dining with people who really feel that way about us?'”

Sutton was one of many that watched the drama unfold.

Jefferson added in the coverage that managers at J. Alexander’s hid the man and protected him as he exited the restaurant. However, Jefferson noted that some white patrons actually testified to police on him and his wife’s behalf.

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