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R. Kelly

Source: photo: WENN

Now that all of his devious behavior has officially caught up to him, multi-platinum artist and apparent sex cult leader R. Kelly is beginning to fear for his life.

TMZ is reporting that now that a judge has sentenced him to be held without bail, the pied piper of pedophilia (allegedly) will be a target for inmates looking to make an example of him should he be thrown into general population. For that reason the man who penned Aaliyah‘s “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” has no qualms with being assigned to solitary confinement.

Kelly’s attorney, Nicole Blank Becker, tells TMZ … during a recent visit with the embattled singer in federal prison, he told her solitary helps because he believes his life would be in real danger in gen pop. Kelly feels way safer by himself.

Still, Becker feels that solitary confinement would be problematic also as Kells illiteracy can lead to other kinds of problems while he’s serving time.

Although Kelly thinks he’s better off in solitary, his attorney says it creates a problem because he has no one to lean on. He can’t read or write, and that makes even the most mundane tasks super difficult, such as figuring out what’s on the commissary list.

Well, R. Kelly can either figure out what to eat in solitary on his own or end up being food in gen pop. The choice is his. He can deal with this or he can deal with that.