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The powerful movement that is Griselda Records enjoyed a strong independent run with a bevy of gritty releases featuring Westside Gunn, his brother Conway The Machine, and their cousin, Benny The Butcher. Now, the singing to Shady Records announced back in 2017 has led to the pairing of Conway and label boss Eminem on the track “Bang” for the masses.

Slim Shady lent his voice in an introduction on Hall N Nash’s (Conway and Westside) Just Blaze produced single “Machine Gun Black” in 2017. With “Bang,” produced by Beat Butcha and Daringer, features a full verse from Em, who appears to be using the less manic flow present heavily on his last album, Kamikaze.

Conway sounds invigorated as ever with his vivid street bars depicting what the rapper has witnessed on the tough streets of Buffalo, N.Y.

“Ayo, I use the Arm & Hammer just to fluff my brick/Say what I wanna say and I don’t give a fuck, I’m rich/Tuck my fifth, don’t hesitate to bust my shit/I tell you niggas like Kyrie, “Suck my dick”/I don’t trust a soul, I don’t even trust my bitch/Before I fall in love, I’d rather cut my wrist/I sweat Ace of Spades, nigga, that’s how much I sip/Body a rap nigga quick before the Dutch got twist,” Conway spits.

With a beat switch featuring additional production from Em and longtime collaborator Luis Resto, the Detroit veteran unleashed a barrage of bars music busier than Conway’s straight-ahead flow.

“Huh, here a mic, there a mic/Everywhere a mic, share and share alike/But just don’t compare alike/Instead of comparin’ me, pick a fair fight/Compare me to lightnin’, that similarity’s strikin’/Compare me to Jaws/Compare me to Manson, Marilyn or Charles/Compare me to Nas, Biggie, or Pac/Do not compare me to that Iggy bitch/Or all this f*ckin’ Milli Vanilli hip-hop/This is where all that silly sh*t stops,” Slim Shady raps.

Check out the track in full below and sound off in the comments what your thoughts were.

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